Why Landlords Residential Legel Expenses Insurance?

If you become involved in a property dispute or need to recover a debt, the costs of taking legal action against your tenant will often result in lost profit. In many cases, bringing or defending civil action to protect your interests can be extremely costly and time consuming.

Whether you have a large portfolio or just a single investment our Landlords Residential Legal Expenses Insurance enables you to pursue and defend your legal rights. With the added option to guarantee your rental income up to £1500 per month this policy gives you financial peace of mind when you need it most.

The Cover

The policy provides a £50,000 limit of indemnity and includes the following features:-

  • Breach of Tenancy Agreement
  • Pursuit of Rent Arrears
  • Eviction
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE & NIC Investigations
  • Legal Defence
  • Legal Advice & Assistance
  • Optional Rent Guarantee Cover


Level of Cover Price
Residential Property Legal Expenses £27.50
Please add the price of the rent guarnatee to the price above
Rent Guarantee up to £500 a month £40.00
Rent Guarantee up to £750 a month £55.00
Rent Guarantee up to £1000 a month £72.00
Rent Guarantee up to £1250 a month £90.00
Rent Guarantee up to £1500 a month £105.00
*Rent Guarantee cover can only be purchased with a Residential Property Legel Exspenses Policy

If you would like to take advantge of our competative rates, simply fill in the form below and cover can be held with immedite effect. (Policy documents will be emailed the next working day).

Premier Insurance can also offer Legel Expenses Insurance for Motor Trade & Commerical Insurances. If you require cover for either of these policies, please contact our office direct.

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