Contractors Combined Insurance

For any construction project, new build or where work is being carried out on an existing structure, a contractor or employer will require a Contractors Combined insurance policy to provide cover for the liabilities associated. (also known as Contract Works insurance)


This policy will cover temporary or permanent build projects or existing structures and will respond should the property be damaged whilst you are carrying out work. Cover can also protect any employee or member of the public as well as cover any materials or tools that are on site that may be damaged or stolen before the work is completed.


Any items of plant that you hire in for a project or contract can also be covered with a Contractors Combined policy along with your own equipment and materials.


Once the project is completed you may also have contractual obligations and be responsible for any defects that may occur within a period after completion (usually up to 12 months). A Contractors Combined policy can provide cover to pay for costs to rectify any defects.

Here at Premier Insurance we have expertise in this sector and have arranged cover for:


  • Builders (both New Build and Refurbishment)
  • Civil Engineers (including Ground Workers)
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing & Heating (including Air Conditioning)
  • Insulation Contractors
  • Steel Erectors
  • And others…