Directors and Officers Insurance

Running a business comes with many challenges. For any Director or manager there is added pressure of being under continual scrutiny in the modern world, and unfortunately one of those pressures is quite common place in that allegations or claims could be made against you, for which you may be personally liable.


Directors and Officers (or D&O) insurance policies offer cover for directors or managers and protect them from claims which could arise from their decisions or actions taken during their duties within their business.


An allegation of any wrongdoing must be thoroughly investigated and defended but this often comes at a cost. This cost could also mean that Directors’ own personal finances could be at risk so it is essential you have the correct cover. A simple investigation can run into the thousands and possibly higher!

A D&O policy will cover the costs connecting to the defence of an allegation of a wrongful act. In having this cover it eliminates any financial risks posed to Directors’ and Officers’ giving them protection should an allegation or claim be made against them.


Premier Insurance Centre has been placing D&O cover for their clients with a select panel of insurers for a number of years and have the experience to understand the ever-changing landscape on legislations which could impact business owners.