Understand the benefits of separate loan car cover

Understand the benefits of separate loan car cover


Avoid paying for your customers mistakes and save money on your Motor Trade Policy.


As a Motor Trader, the most likely thing to impact on your business insurance premium is a claim and the most common occur under your motor cover and more specifically incidents relating to loan cars or test drives.


In keeping with peoples livelihoods the ever increasing use of motor vehicles has become all but an essential tool of everyday life and as a motor trade business you often see the benefit of providing a courtesy car or the option of a test drive to a customer should their vehicle be in need of repair or they are looking to buy a vehicle from you. This is all in order to keep any life disruption to a minimum.

Whilst the customer is grateful for this, and the service you provide, in the event that they have an unfortunate accident in your vehicle, it is often the case that the claim is made against your Motor Trade Policy. This potentially costs you a premium increase at renewal or loss of No Claims Bonus, likely both!


How we can help you

Premier Insurance Centre is highlighting the value to motor trade clients in understanding the benefits of having a separate loan car policy specific for this cover.


In having this standalone policy in place it not only reduces the cost of your Motor Trade Policy but also provides a strong chance of recovering the cost of the loan car insurance.


Motor Traders can pass the cost of loan car cover back to insurers and include an additional 15% for the administration with a separate policy.


With over 25 years experience in the insurance industry, (and a combined 100 years experience in our Motor Trade team), Premier Insurance Centre understands the day to day challenges you as a business face and are here to listen to the insurance requirements you need whilst tailoring the policy to meet the business you operate.


Like many other brokers we have access to a vast panel of Insurers but Premier Insurance Centre also have dedicated schemes with a select few insurers giving us the ability to provide something our competitors cannot.

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